What will it cost?

This is the question everyone wants answered

The homeowner needs to have some idea, the contractor would love to know, even your neighbors would like to know. Well, I'm going to try to answer that question at least as far as my own experience goes. As I finish jobs I will add the Job Cost Analysis to this section of the website.

The kid down the street will probably paint your garage for $10 an hour, the guy with a busted up ladder and a busted up pickup will ask for $20 an hour (and you think you smelled alcohol on his breath) but wait, 10 years from now he will have a couple guys working under the table for him and he will want $30, he won't do much anymore besides watch to make sure his guys are working and you still smell alcohol on his breath.

A legit handyman, painter,or carpenter starting out will want $30 an hour and in 10 years he will be in the high 30s. If he cares about what he is doing even to the point of continuing to learn his trade he will want $40 - $45 an hour and the kicker is, if you want a firm price for a project he will be estimating it based on $55 an hour. Anyone from California or New York would think these prices are a bargain.

I will try to talk in terms of Hours of Labor as much as I can but when I do speak of dollars I am basing it on $45 an hour which is my minimum charge.