Project Review

Resurfacing a deck

Deck Size

The deck is 16'x18' and it is 12' off the ground. It is also impossible to get equipment around to the back of the building so I carried all materials in and all debris out.


Materials for the main deck include 37 5/4x6x16 and 10 lbs of 3 in screws. Total cost of materials of about $500.


Labor for this part of the project was 40 hours @ $30 per hr. Total cost of labor was $1200.

There were a couple of things that made the project more time consuming. First, the deck is 12 feet in the air so rather than strip the whole deck and then start installing the new decking, the deck was stripped in small sections and installed while I had a platform to work from. Second, the debris and the new materials both had to be carried more than 100 yards to and from the front of the building.

Total Cost

The total cost for stripping and re-decking a 300 sqft deck with a couple of extra challenges was $1700