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We are currently NOT accepting new Clients.

We began serving New Bern as a Handyman Service in the spring of 2008. While we continue to offer a wide variety of services to our clients we have become just a bit more specialized over the last 7 years.

Services offered
  • Interior and Exterior Residential Painting.
  • Anything related to Historic Building Restoration and Preservation.

Historic Buildings

There are many things to watch out for when working on historic structures, materials and techniques have changed and modern materials can be harmful to an old building. This doesn't mean you have to abandon all modern materials and all of the latest techniques as long as you have some idea of how things have changed.

We love our historic districts and do much of our work on those buildings and we offer consultation services related to Historic building Restoration and Preservation. A one-off consultation is usually FREE and an in depth consultation or liaison service is reasonably priced.