101 Building Services

    We are located in New Bern and serve eastern North Carolina and the Crystal Coast including Morehead City, Jacksonville, and New Bern. 

    We offer consultation services related to Historic building Restoration and Preservation.

    Other Services

    Masonry repairs / re-pointing with Lime based mortars. Buildings constructed with Lime Mortar should never be repaired with modern mortars as this will damage the brick. 101 Building Services specializes in the repair and re-pointing of historic structures.

    Exterior Paint and Coatings Restoration. While some modern materials will damage historic structures, there are benefits to some of these materials. Acrylic paints have superior flexibility and breath-ability  and on a sound surface they have superior adhesion. In most cases the original coatings will need to be removed before using an Acrylic. 101 Building Services can determine the suitability of switching to modern paints.

    Vapor Barrier and Insulation. Improperly installed insulation, especially a vapor barrier, will cause multiple issues. Historic buildings were built to breath and vapor barriers are designed to prevent that. Historic buildings can be made more efficient as long as it is done properly.